Saturday, January 29, 2011

20 Ways to Improve The Value of Your Home - Part 1

A while back I saw HGTV's list of the Top 20 ways to improve the value of your home. I think they are still important and relevant.

Let's start with #20 - #16:

#20   Home Office Remodel A large percentage of the population works at home full time or at least spend off hours doing work at home to catch up. Home Office Space is valuable square footage. If at all possible it shouldn’t be part of another room and it definitely shouldn’t feel like a dungeon to be in it.

#19   Add a Sun room – Everyone loves a sun room. A place to read, have quiet time, enjoy a cup of coffee, and unwind with family and friends.

#18   Create or Renovate a Master Suite – Next to the kitchen, the master bedroom with adjoining bath is the most important area of the house. Adults want a place to escape at the end of the day. Think of the best five star resort you have ever been in. Aaaahhh. This area of the house is always a draw for buyers.

#17    Renovate or Add a Family Room – It is where all families spend the majority of their time. Make it warm, inviting and cozy.

#16   New Roof Maintenance on a home is key and the roof is the best place to start.

In each of the next three posts I will list Five more ways to increase the value of your home, working our way up to the #1 improvement. So stay tuned and check back!

**Caution - Improvements do not necessarily give immediate value at a dollar for dollar return on investment. If you are selling your home in the near future please consider major improvements carefully and seek the advice of a professional.

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