Monday, March 7, 2011

Selling Your Home In The Near Future? Be Careful With Home Improvements!

Are you selling in the near future? Or are you making Home Improvements and not sure when you will sell? If careful with those Home Improvements. In my last few blogs I discussed the Top 20 Ways to Improve the Value of Your Home.

There are many questions to ask and Words of Caution to take note of before any improvement is started;  AND don't buy into any Home Improvement Myth.

1)     Look at how long you are going to be in your home. Some improvements are imperative to make to get your home in sellable condition. Other improvements should only be made if you plan on being in your home for a while.

2)   Check out your Neighborhood. You never want to improve beyond the value of your neighborhood. Being the biggest or best house on the block is not the best thing for resale.

3)   Check out your Market. What is the current housing market in your area? Who is the potential buyer of your home when you do go to sell?

4)   Don’t design yourself into a corner by being too specific. You don’t want to limit who you can sell to. Personalize your home through paint and accessories that are easy to change rather than having to replace walls.

5)    Balance your style and area. Again, keep in mind what will sell in the future if you choose to do so?

1)     Any Remodel is a Good One. Not the case. As I noted above, you need to check out and consider many things before considering ANY improvement.

2)   I Can Do It Myself.  Sure you can. :-)  All of us have seen the “DIYP” – The ‘Do it Yourself Project’ when our best friend or spouse is so proud of their work but they really should have let a professional do it.

3)    Adding a Pool Always Adds Value. Not so. Pools only add value if they are in a climate where they can be used year round. In many cases a pool can reduce the value of a home.

4)   I Should Follow the Latest Design Trend.  The key word here is “trend”. That’s what it is, it’ll be on it’s way out before you even get it done. That is fine for $8 throw pillows, not for major improvements.

If you are planning to make improvements and potentially selling in a shorter period of time, check out the statistics listed on my website on the return on your investment for certain improvements. Return on Investment Chart 

Remember to consult a professional before starting any major Home Improvement. Rooms With Style can help with paint color, tile and flooring selections as well as general Redesign and Home Staging Questions.


  1. These are some good points... especially Checking out your neighborhood. You don't want to waste your money by over improving for your neighborhood.